The Line Up


The handed-down model of the value creation chain is fast running out of track. Smart foresight management is causing the supply chain concept to shift towards the supply circle model.

Everything is accelerating in response to the “see now, buy now” thinking.
It is becoming harder to react quickly to short-term trends because the fabric producers no longer keep as much stock as they once did and production lead times are becoming longer and longer.

To meet these challenges producers are needed to act and react fast, focused and targeted.

The Line Up / is a dynamic fashion company, founded in 2012, with a creative space and showroom in The Netherlands and production facilities in Eastern Europe.
We offer quick, reliable production from 200 pieces per style.
Whether introducing a new brand or looking to lift your existing one to new levels, our experienced and multi-lingual team is dedicated to offer you a made-to-measure service.

We work with a large network of industry experts, producers and suppliers. With our extensive knowledge of fabrics, trims and workmanship, we are commited to guide our clients all the way through the creative stages to final bulk deliveries.

We believe in integrity, honesty and partnership.

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The Line Up



Creative input and tailored design solutions by our design department.


Extensive knowledge of fabrics and trims and a large network of suppliers.


Development of patterns (LECTRA) and (fit) samples in our sample studio in Poland.

Calculation and product management

Production preparation and procurement of all components from international suppliers


Selection of appropriate point of fabrication in Eastern Europe.
Experienced in producing high quality garments.
Production monitoring and quality assurance by an in-house technical team.


A strong financial background that enables reliable relations with our clients and suppliers.

The Line Up


Our product range features coats, blazers, pants, skirts, blouses, tops and dresses, mainly focused on the following segments:

  • Contemporary Fashion
  • Classic Fashion
  • Corporate wear
The Line Up


The Line Up